J Alan Six grew up in a small town in Indiana where he spent his early years helping out in the church and found his love for entertaining by singing southern gospel most Sunday mornings. Growing up in rural Indiana, he was no stranger to classic country which heavily influenced his love of the genre but only sang for fun for the most part. Music, unfortunately, took a backseat as his life and career as a master jeweler began to blossom. At the age of 18, he met his beautiful wife Melissa and together after 29 years have raised seven wonderful boys whom they devoted their time and life to. After moving to Florida several years ago, his love for music was rekindled after being invited to sing with a live band at the Orange Blossom Opry in Wiersdale, FL. Now that his children have grown,  J Alan has begun to chase the dream of singing which had never fully gone away. His music is heavily influenced by the great country stars of his youth and include the likes of George Jones, George Strait, Jamey Johnson, and Trace Adkins to name a few. As his music demonstrates the impact these great artists have had on his interests, he’s often heard saying “Its time to bring the cowboy hat back to country music."  J Alan had the opportunity to record his first album in country music's birthplace of Nashville TN, with a collection of songs written by award winning song writers, including one of the founding members of Sawyer Brown, Bobby Randall. J Alan and his family now call Florida their home but he never strayed too far from his Randolph county Indiana roots as he moves forward on an ever expanding repertoire in his own search of an original country sound.